The Day “The Quiet Mom” Turned Crazy

There is this mom, The Quiet Mom. That is the name I have given her. She sits quietly, week after week, waiting for her daughter to finish gymnastics. She walks in every week with a different Vera Bradley bag and fancy water bottle. Her hair is perfct. Always. She is never dressed in running shorts and a tank top. She is always completely perfect from tip to toe. We have tried to engage her in conversation but she resists. We have given up. Perhaps she is cataloguing all of her Vera Bradley bags in her mind and planning her outfit for the next day. She may think that we are The Crazy Moms who complain about mundane topics and how much crap our kids broke that day.

Sometimes, The Quiet Mom annoys me and other times I feel sympathy towards her. It really depends on my mood that day. I think to myself, why can’t she just be cordial? Is that too much to ask? or Poor thing, maybe she is shy and not used to us loud Crazy Moms.

Perhaps she is cataloguing all of her Vera Bradley bags in her mind…


One day, it all changed. Practice had finished and we were packing up our little gymnasts and heading out to the parking lot. She quietly gathered up Vera and her child and walked out. We could hear the screaming before we rounded the corner. Her precious child was screaming at The Quiet Mom because she wanted to sit in a different seat than her booster was already in. Quiet Mom was calmly telling her to sit down and get buckled. Little Nadia Comanici was not having any of this. She kept screaming to sit in the other seat. And then it happened. The Quiet Mom opened up her mouth and loudly yelled, “Get in that seat right now! I MEAN IT!”

It. Was. Awesome. The Quiet Mom lost her cool in front of us Crazy Moms. She was one of us! We all passed quietly giving her smiles of encouragement as she buckled her child in the seat.

Do you know a Quiet Mom? What have you done to try and get her to open up and join the fun?

Don’t forget ladies, we all have our moments. They are even ok for others to witness from time to time. It just reminds us that deep down we are all human and will lose our minds at some point. So when that happens, just take a deep breath and remember you are not alone.

Solidarity in numbers people!

This Mom

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