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Last month, I was asked to come up with a Halloween themed craft for my daughter’s class.  I needed to have one completed to show and then have the materials and instructions for the kids.  I immediately went home and opened up a new bottle of wine.  I mean, you don’t tell the teacher no – you figure it out.


So, I was thinking.  If only there was a Secret Swap Meet for Pinterest related crafts.  I would be happy to exchange cash or wine for a beautifully created finished product and enough materials for an entire class.  I could totally BS my way through the craft with a great set of instructions.

We, as the consumers, could rate the sellers using a wine bottle system instead of stars.  Like… “I rated Cathy Crafter 1 bottle of wine because that is all I needed after spending 45 minutes with my daughter’s class teaching them her amazing Spooky Spider craft.”  OR  ”I rated Barely Bonnie 3 bottles of wine because her instructions were total crap and I looked like an idiot in front of the teacher.  I drank 3 bottles to forget about it!”. This way, we would all know who to use!

Just think about the potential if you are a Super Crafter and can whip out projects with your eyes closed.  You could build a nice sized clientele who depend on your craftiness in exchange for things like Target gift cards, bags of coffee or cold hard cash.  We, the craftily inept, look like a Rock Star to the teacher and all of the kids will clap and chant our name as we walk down the hall.  It could happen…

As luck would have it, life got in the way and my father was scheduled for an emergency quadruple bypass.  I spent a week in the hospital with my mom and was able to sponge off the Halloween craft to another mom in the class.  I guess you could say it was a blessing in disguise.  My dad is doing great but I am now dreading the inevitable Holiday Party I will have to be in charge of for 34 4th graders.  Stocking up on my Pinot!

So, are you a Pinterest Rock Star or dreading classroom crafts like me?  Let’s open up a bottle together!

Solidarity in numbers people!

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10 thoughts on “Pinterest Swap Meet

  1. [Whew, your Captcha really made me think :) .]
    I’m not that crafty either. It all looks fun (Gingerbread houses, etc.), but in the end, there are usually other things I would rather spend my time doing (writing, reading, window shopping).
    Now, I will tell you, Etsy does have some crafty stuff you just might be able to pass off as your own if you are so inclined :) .

  2. So, I’m totally with you!! I am challenged with some pinterest things. I do have a crafty side, but it is usually NOT something you see on pinterest. I’ve had my share of pinterest fails, and sometimes, they lead to interesting blog posts. :)

  3. Love this. I’m much more CraftFail than Pinterest myself. This post is actually getting me kind of concerned. You’re saying that once my kids are in school, I might have to teach an ENTIRE CLASS how to do a craft? Can’t the moms like us teach them about something we actually understand, like, oh, I don’t know, the difference between who and whom? Or between Pinot Noir and Cabernet?

    • You may as well hear the truth now…yes, you will have to do crafts with lots of children. It’s not pretty and it will drive you to drink. Just stay away from glitter and you just might get out alive.

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