I Created This Snackin’ Mess!

Thermos filled with cold water? Check. Goldfish crackers or some other quick snack packed in a baggie? Check. Okay, I think we can leave now. This is crazy. We are only taking a 45 minute car ride to our friend’s house. We have created snack monsters. Children, who do not have the ability to be without drink or food for longer than 30 minutes. For some reason, we think we can’t leave the house without water and some sort of snack in our bags.

When I was younger and my family would go on car trips, I only had a snack or a drink when we stopped to eat. At mealtimes! Now, when we take the 8 hour trek to Florida, we have an entire bag and cooler filled with drinks and food to get us through the day. The worst part is that we end up coming home with the majority of the snacks still in bags, never opened. At what point did this start to happen? Were we as mothers scared that our children would complain if we didn’t have their every need and want met? Well, guess what? They are going to complain anyway!

I am all for bringing snacks for an extended road trip. I mean, we all know that a few goldfish will keep them quiet long enough to the next rest stop. But, no longer will I fill one of those huge 31 utility bags with enough snacks to feed the Duggars when it is just the three of us!

I vow not to create a Snack Monster!


So, today I am taking a stand. I will not overload my bag with snacks. Pretzels, goldfish and gummies will no longer be a staple for rides about town. You want your water? Carry it yourself! You’re feeling hungry? Get over it! We will be home soon. You can make it! I promise you will not starve or die of thirst. Say it with me moms! “I, neurotic mommy, promise not to overload my bag with snacks. I vow not to create a Snack Monster!” We can do this!

Please tell me I am not the only one who has fallen victim to this. Comment below and take a stand with me!

Solidarity in numbers people!

This Mom

6 thoughts on “I Created This Snackin’ Mess!

  1. Yes, I need to stop the insanity now! She can’t even go 8 miles without asking for a drink or snack. When I was little there was NO way I was allowed to eat or drink in the car.

  2. Oh you are SO RIGHT about this!!!! I have labored over snacks and water for YEARS with my kiddos! Like they will starve and die of dehydration if they don’t have these needs met NOOOW!! Every stinkin’ time we leave the house… always.

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